If you were following our last post about how to choose a roofer in Fort Collins that you can put all of your trust in, keep reading. This post is the second half of the previous blog that will give you the remaining steps on the best way to choose a roofer that you will be completely satisfied with. Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t be shy! Ask the company for a list of previous clients as references. With this list, you will be able to c

  2. ontact them to see if they were completely satisfied with the work they received or not.

  3. It is always good to double check with your roofing contractor to make sure they have the authorization to install or make repairs with the roofing materials you have chosen. There are many different roofs out there that do require special training, licenses or certifications to receive proper installation.

  4. Always ask how many roofers you can expect to be working on your home. With having this

  5.  answered, you will be able to determine how long this job will take and how it should be supervised.

  6. Have the roof replacement company that you are choosing go over all of the warranty information with you, including warranty voids and exceptions.

  7. Be sure to obtain a detailed proposal or contract in writing from the Fort Collins roofer you have chosen. That proposal will provide all of the necessary explicit information regarding your roofing project.

  8. Before you schedule your appointment,  go over service prices, other fees and warranties. Remember–you get what you pay for.