1. Let Us Handle Your Hail Damage Repairs

    Here in Northern Colorado, we’re no strangers to inclement weather, and that includes hail. Unfortunately, there’s little we can do for the roofs of our homes and business during a hail storm except wait for the storm to pass and assess the damage after. If your Fort Collins or Loveland home or commercial building has been exposed to a hail storm, be sure to have an inspection of the damage as…Read More

  2. Replace Your Fort Collins Business’s Roof

    The beautiful city of Fort Collins sees every season (ish), and the roof on your business must contend with a multitude of weather conditions from pouring rain to blankets of heavy snow. When your roof is solid and up to the task, it keeps you, your employees, and your customers warm, dry, and safe from the elements, all the while protecting the structure of your building. Unfortunately, no roofin…Read More

  3. Signs To Install/Replace Attic Insulation

    You wake up in the morning to a glacial bedroom despite the fact that you’ve been running your furnace all night long and tiptoe to the bathroom for a warm shower. Your kitchen is toasty warm when you’re done with that, and you can feel your freshly clean skin begin to sweat while you put your breakfast together. You eat, and then it’s back to the icy fortress that is your bedroom to pick ou…Read More

  4. A Guide to Winter Roofing Repair & Maintenance

    Winter came late to the Loveland/Fort Collins area this year! In fact, we set a record for one of the driest Octobers on record. But rest assured, winter is coming, and with it comes a lot of snow, ice, and wind that could wreak havoc on your roof. Schroeder Roofing in Loveland has put together this guide to help you protect and maintain your roof during the harsh Colorado winter. Preparing Your R…Read More

  5. The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

    Although most residential roofing in the Loveland and Fort Collins area is installed using asphalt shingles, there are many other options when it comes to choosing a material for you roof. The experts at Schroeder Roofing have been installing, repairing, and replacing roofs in this area since the ‘70s, and we offer more than just the standard asphalt shingles. We also offer metal roofing options…Read More

  6. Preparing For Your Roof Replacement

    Whether you’ve simply decided to replace your worn out roof or a storm or other unfortunate event has forced your hand in the matter, there are certain expectations that you’ll need to understand as well as certain preparations that you will need to complete before your new roof can be installed. Luckily, the expert roofers at Schroeder Roofing want our customers be feel confident and prepared…Read More

  7. To Repair or To Replace

    Many of our previous blog posts have been focused on recognizing and identifying roof damage, but sometimes we already know the roof has damage, and the question then becomes whether the roof needs to be repaired or if it should just be replaced altogether. There are a number of factors a roof replacement and repair company will consider when deciding if your residential or commercial roof needs t…Read More

  8. Let Schroeder Roofing Repair Your Loveland Roof

    Anna and Ben are doing some much needed house cleaning when they discover a hidden corner of the house has been taken over by mold. They’re shocked and have no idea how this could have happened. What they don’t realize is that their roof had developed a leak during a particularly violent rainstorm sometime before, and what they’re seeing is the damage the water has been able to do over time,…Read More

  9. When Buying a Home, Check the Roof

    Buying a new home is a BIG investment and can sometimes be an overwhelming task. There are many things to watch out for when buying a new home and many times you end up with a long to-do list after the purchase. But there are several key upgrades that can benefit the buyer and the seller. A new roof falls pretty high on the list.   For a seller, new residential roofing on the house you’re t…Read More

  10. 3 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

    If you’ve ever dealt with a roof leak, then you know that they are nothing to trifle with. When you notice signs of moisture inside your home, your first thought may be that the leak began exactly where the water is coming in, but this is not always the case. Roof leaks can be exceptionally well hidden, but there are a few common roof leak causes your local roofing experts can check for first. C…Read More