0/11/11 This page is a work in progress, but should help with some questions regarding the home remodeler.

The GAF home remodeler is fairly easy to use with the preloaded houses. For the more technically inclined, you can upload a picture of your own house. The program has built in help tips, and we have included some others below. If there is a question you cannot figure out, use the Contact Us form, and we can attempt to help.

  1. You will need to set up an accout to use the “Use your own home” feature. No account is needed to use one of the preloaded homes.
  2. The mapping process can be confusing. It may be easier to get a picture showing the largest slope, and the body of your house, and just map out that one slope. This should give a decent idea of what the shingles will look like on your home.
  3. You can only map one section at a time. Place the dots at the corners of the slope, until you have the slope highlighted in red to your satisfaction. Click next step.
  4. Then you must set the approximate size (labeled in program as angle) of that section. Your estimator can help with this part if you do not know the measurements.
  5. There will be a yellow grid. The squares in the grid represent a 1′x1′ square. The square size is changed using the number fields at the top. Keep this shape as much a rectangle or parallellogram as possible. This tells the program the angle of the roof to display the shingles.
  6. After setting the size, the program will render some 3 tab shingles on the section. They are not shown in the proper size or angle at this point.