As the summer season continues on, many Coloradans are preparing for the fall and winter weather ahead. Now is the perfect time to inspect your roof to ensure that it is in proper working order for the temperatures and elements to come. If you notice damage during your inspection, it won’t matter where the problem started from — what matters is repairing your roof as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

As your trusted roof replacement team in Fort Collins and Loveland, Schroeder Roofing has the experience and expertise to provide complete peace of mind for any of your roofing needs. We offer complete property services, including insulation installation, fascia and soffit repair, hail damage repairs, and more. We’ll work hard to solve your issue at its source to provide lasting peace of mind, and our Top Rated Local® roofing company will be happy to discuss your structural needs to create an effective and valuable solution moving forward.

In order to keep an eye on your roof’s condition, it helps to understand where some of the most common forms of damage come from. Keep reading for six common reasons why Coloradans need roof repairs, and be sure to contact our team for your free estimate!

Material Age

The most common (and unavoidable) reason for roof repairs or replacement is age. Over the years, continual sunshine, rain, temperature changes, high winds, and other factors can all begin to sap the integrity of your shingles. Eventually, these shingles will dry out and become brittle, breaking away easily and allowing moisture to infiltrate. Asphalt shingles are rated to last more than 20 years, but without proper maintenance and care, this roof may need replacement after 12 years.

If you’re concerned that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule an inspection. We will advise you of the age and condition of your property, as well as the best course to deliver you the best value. In some cases, roof repairs can be very cost-effective, but with an older system, a full replacement may prove to be the best option.

Moisture and Freezing Concerns

Without proper gutter maintenance, your home or business may become inundated with water. If this H2O freezes, the material expands, creating heavy ice dams. Additional moisture will not be able to pass through the gutters, overflowing onto the roof and down onto the surfaces below. This exposure to winter weather and water can quickly break down the integrity of your roof. We recommend taking the time to ensure that your gutters are clear (during every season) to avoid ice dams and other complications.

Moisture can also prove problematic in areas already ailing from damage. Snow and rain can seep beneath your shingles, freezing and creating considerable gaps. Moisture infiltration can continue into your home, causing future concerns!

High Heat Exposure

Colorado is known to have over 300 sunny days per year. While this number sounds good for going to the beach or making a trip to the mountains, the hot summer temps can begin to take their toll on your roof system. High heats can quickly dry out shingles and sap their integrity if left unprotected. Check your roof for dry, cracked, and otherwise impacted surfaces.

High Wind Storms

Our state is known for its extreme weather changes. This atmospheric instability can generate serious storms along the I-25 corridor, leaving residents in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, and other areas to worry once high winds come around. When it comes to installing a new roof, your materials will likely be rated to withstand considerable wind speeds. Your home or business is likely rated to withstand wind speeds of 90 miles per hour, but keep in mind that intense gusts in combination with heavy rain or hail can lead to added damage. 

Hail Damage

Beyond age and high winds, hail storms are among the top reasons why Coloradans need to seek out roof replacement services. Schroeder Roofing specializes in hail damage repair because we know how damaging this natural phenomenon can be, especially when the hail exceeds one inch in diameter.

Following a hail storm, it is recommended to inspect your roof for damage. On asphalt shingles, this can consist of cracking, impact marks, and missing granules. In most cases, your roof system will be able to withstand the impacts of hail, but remember that compromised roofs may be at risk for additional damage.

Previous Installation Issues

One problem we see across the Front Range stems from improper installation of the shingles, sealants, flashing, and more. Failure to repair your fascia and soffit can leave brand-new shingles open to damage, as well as the interior of your home or business. 

If you suspect a lack of skill from a previous roofing contractor has impacted your structure’s ability to keep wind and rain out, be sure to quickly inspect your roof. Shingles that seem to be loose or not overlapping correctly can lead to quick issues, as well as gaps or breaks along the flashing. 

Schedule Your Inspection Today

More stormy weather is in store, making it important for you as a home or business owner to inspect your roof to ensure that these signs of damage are not present. If you do find an area in need of attention, be sure to reach out to our local roofing company for complete assistance.

Schroeder Roofing of Loveland specializes in roof repair and replacement services across the Front Range, relying on our experience and customer-first focus to generate total satisfaction and lasting results with each of our offered services.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection, and be sure to request a quote to see how effective our roof replacement services can be!