As the days begin to shorten across Colorado, many homeowners are planning for the upcoming seasonal changes. Our state plays host to a diverse spectrum of weather patterns during the fall season, with heavy snowfalls soon to follow. Now is the perfect time to consider the condition of your roof system before the temperatures drop. If you’re worried about your home’s roof in Loveland or Fort Collins, it pays to reach out to our local roofing company for assistance!

Schroeder Roofing is proud to be your trusted roofing contractors in Northern Colorado since 1977. Our team has worked to perfect our services, including gutter installations, fascia and soffit repairs, roofing installations, and more. We have the experience and equipment needed to protect your home beautifully for years to come, keeping out the elements day after day.

Wintertime in Colorado can lead to an influx of calls to our office from clients in need of inspections and roofing repairs. If you notice any of the following signs in your home this winter, be sure to reach out to our roofing company in Loveland for service!

Continual Condensation

Your home is designed to provide a barrier from the outside elements, relying on an envelope for insulatory benefits. If the upper section of your property is not properly protected from the weather, condensation can begin to appear en masse. Colorado homes with an improperly insulated attic, inadequate ventilation, or those with damaged roof systems can be afflicted by this problem. It’s important to ensure that your attic is protected from the outside and ventilated as needed, and to inspect your roof to check for any signs of damage.

Leaking Liquids

The flashing on your home is beneficial for covering any edges or joints to prevent leaks. Oftentimes, these materials are placed at the heaviest points of rainflow, which can eventually lead to problems where the flashing shears away from the wall. If your flashing begins to leak, the water will likely be directed into the weak points, penetrating your home and causing further concerns.

Schroeder Roofing specializes in residential roofing services such as roof repairs, including flashing work. We’ll be able to inspect, diagnose, and repair any problems we find, providing peace of mind for Colorado homeowners throughout the winter.

Lowered Limbs

Heavy winds, rain, and snow can all put a heavy burden on the trees surrounding your home. Early snowfalls (such as our record-setting temperature to match the first snow this year) can burden branches, soaking leaves and creating extra stress for the chutes. If a heavy snowfall comes across your home, be sure to inspect the property for fallen branches. Even intact branches can deliver damages when weighed down by snow and ice. If you are unsure how safe your property is, be sure to contact the Schroeder team for a roofing inspection!

Isolating Icicles

Rapid temperature changes can lead to some beautiful icicles here along the Front Range, but these frozen spikes can prove to be troublesome for your home. The most immediate concern is for the safety of your loved ones and pets. Icicles that are minor in size can do considerable damage if allowed to fall from great heights, such as the roof on your second story. Windy conditions can compromise the integrity of many icicles, creating a dangerous situation on your property until the precipitation melts away.

Clogged gutters and downspouts can result in icicles of varying sizes. One thing to keep in mind is that water, in any form, is heavy. Heavy buildups can put considerable strain on your gutters, possibly causing a failure that leaves your home open to danger. Our roof replacement pros in Fort Collins are available for inspection and maintenance services to ensure your system is up to speed and ready for the upcoming winter. Contact Schroeder Roofing today to schedule your service!

Damaging Ice Dams

Colorado is home to frequent weather changes, creating havoc for outdoor enthusiasts as well as the area’s trees. When it comes to your home’s roofing, warmer afternoon weather can melt the higher areas, allowing ice to thaw and reform in the gutters. Once the new H2O is frozen, an ever-growing dam is formed. Continual snowfall and changing temperatures can lead to serious ice concerns on your home’s gutters, with melt having nowhere to go and seeping into your home’s fascia, joints, and interior surfaces. Ice dams can also become a safety hazard, so be sure to reach out to your local roofing contractors if you notice frequent damming.

Winter storms can put a lot of wear and tear on homes across Northern Colorado. If you’re worried about your property this winter, be sure to reach out to our roofing contractors in Fort Collins for assistance. Schroeder Roofing delivers comprehensive services ranging from roofing inspections and repairs to complete roof replacements and more. To learn more about our wintertime services, be sure to contact our roof replacement company today!