The spooky season is upon us, and many homeowners across Northern Colorado are planning on being festive. Pandemic conditions have made traditional activities less available, yet many people are investing in their own homes to create a fun, frightening adventure. If you plan on going all-out this year, it’s important to exercise a few safety tips to ensure that you don’t experience any frights!

Climbing on the roof is always a hazardous endeavor, and one that should be prepared for with utmost care to minimize the dangers. Follow these tips below from Schroeder Roofing, then be sure to browse our site to learn more about our roofing services in Loveland and Fort Collins.Use the Buddy System

While many of us feel confident in our ability to work solo, keep in mind that nobody will be there to assist you in case of an emergency. Schroeder Roofing is here to serve as your safety-first NoCo roofing company, and we know the potential for danger when working from any height. Utilize a buddy for your project. This person can help to hold the ladder steady, keep an eye out for hazards, and assist in installing the decorations where needed. You can work together to stay safe, and your partner can call for help should an accident occur.

Inspect Your Equipment First

One of the most important things you can do to improve your safety before stepping onto your ladder is to check all of your lights, extension cords, and decorations. This is useful for finding any discrepancies or safety concerns while you’re on the ground, and not stuck in a hazardous position. Worn, exposed wires may be a serious fire concern for your flammable roof shingles. Damaged extension cords may also fail to provide safe power, necessitating additional trips up and down the ladder to get the job done.

Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, making it beneficial to take proper precautions when it comes to keeping your electrical plugs safe from moisture. Many decorators rely on electrical tape to create a seal for the plugs, while others invest in long-term covers for added safety. Be mindful of where your lights or decorations hang, especially in areas known to experience more frequent moisture.

Check the Conditions

The days leading up to Halloween may prove to be sunny and in the 80s, or there may be blizzard conditions. Regardless, it’s important to check the conditions before you decide to implement your decorations. Heavy moisture leading up to the installation may put your roofing materials at risk, especially if there are any signs of pooling or saturation. Another major concern during this season is ice. If it is cold enough to freeze, we’d recommend extreme caution when climbing up!

Remember Ladder Safety

Ladders account for a large amount of injuries sustained, with more than 20,000 nonfatal injuries for paid workers annually, according to OSHA. It is well worth your safety to take the extra time to ensure that your ladder is safe and secure. Ensure that your ladder is rated for the job and your bodyweight, and that its length extends at least three feet over your gutter line. Find a safe point to place your ladder, free from roof damages or soft soil. Test the stability of your choice, and be sure your partner lends a hand in holding the ladder still.

Watch for Roofing Damage

If your roof is looking a little worse for the wear, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of damage, as these can prove to be serious safety concerns. Loose or damaged shingles can slip out from beneath your feet without warning. Noticeable damage may indicate structural concerns, so be sure to avoid these spots as much as possible.

Schedule Repairs if Needed

Your Halloween decorations may be simple and straightforward, or grandiosely terrifying. No matter your holiday plans, it’s important to ensure that your roof system is in good condition to keep moisture, debris, and invasive critters outside. A truly scary scenario would be finding out that your minor damages have grown into major repairs!

If you have noticed any signs of concern on top of your home, it is recommended to reach out to a local company for professional roof repairs. A trained, experienced roofing contractor can inspect your property and provide complete assistance in creating the right game plan to effectively solve any problems without driving up the project cost.

Hire Schroeder Roofing

Homeowners in need of proven roofing services along the Front Range have relied on Schroeder Roofing in Loveland for complete peace of mind. Our local roof replacement pros know how to address problems of all scopes across buildings of all sizes. We specialize in residential as well as commercial roofing, and will be happy to help you achieve the right level of protection before we head into an intense winter season.

Our no-obligation inspection services are here to keep you from the fright of discovering a serious problem in your roof! You can contact us online with your information, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your property needs. No tricks!