As a Colorado homeowner, you take great pride in the beauty of your home because you want your property to mirror the breathtaking views available all along the Front Range. One thing to consider when taking in the beauty of our state is the inclement weather patterns that can seemingly come out of nowhere. If you’re worried about your commercial or residential roof in Northern Colorado this winter, the team at Schroeder Roofing is here and happy to deliver top-notch services.

Since 1977, our roof replacement company has helped Loveland and Fort Collins homes achieve a high level of quality and protection. Today, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you may need to consider calling our roofing company for a full inspection.

1 – Inconsistent Weather

Our state is known for its radical weather changes, which, while exciting for skiers heading up to the high country, can cause problems for the integrity of your home or business’s roof. Warm days followed by freezing nights can cause water to pool in your gutters and refreeze overnight, causing ice to dam up and cause problems. If you notice this problem, we recommend calling our roof replacement company for a complete inspection!

2 – Excess Sunshine

While Miami and San Diego are great locations for hitting the beach, these locations actually see less sun than Loveland does. Colorado boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes enjoying the outdoors great, but it can result in faster deterioration of your roof. After hot spells and long periods of sunshine, we recommend checking your roof system to inspect for any damages.

3 – Heavy Snowfall

Blizzards can put many Coloradans in the holiday spirit, but remember that heavy snowfall can put a considerable burden on your roof. Excess snow accumulation can lead to saturation, freezing, and even warping. It is essential for homeowners to take steps to ensure their roof is insulated and ventilated to prevent heavy snow buildups.

4 – Strong Winds

A couple times a year, our state will be hit with a heavy windstorm. While you will likely not encounter the high levels of wind experienced by residents of Sterling or Fort Morgan when you live in Loveland, it’s important to remember that winds over 60 miles per hour can cause damage to even the sturdiest of roof systems. Schroeder Roofing excels at inspections and roof repairs, and will provide the best results that will help ensure that your home is protected from the next big windstorm.

5 – Higher Altitudes

Ultimately, our elevation can result in changes to your residential roofing system. Less oxygen, inconsistent moisture, and increased UV radiation can all combine to do a number on your roof. It is essential for Colorado residents to be cognizant of this variable and perform regular checks of their roof to look for any signs of trouble.

Schroeder Roofing is here to provide complete roof repairs and replacements to Loveland and Fort Collins homes, and our team will be happy to help you address any immediate or future concerns. We’re Colorado’s trusted roofing contractors, because we deliver beautiful, affordable results with every project. Contact us today to receive your free estimate for service!