Whether you’re buying a new home or you already own your home here in Colorado, there are common roof problems that happen in Colorado that you should be advised of. One thing is always for certain, you want to ensure that your home maintains its value and this normally means that a lot of upkeep and maintenance need to be performed. Here at Schroeder Roofing, your premier Fort Collins roofing service, we can help you make sure that your roof stays maintained and issues are addressed before they become costly repairs.

One thing to know that is all roofs have “flashing.” Flashing is placed at the seams of the roof and is normally made a metal and this area is where water is most likely to seep into the home. Most of the time, deterioration from poor construction and old age are the main reasons the flashing on your roof fail. However, no matter how well your roof is constructed, the extreme weather conditions that we face in Colorado can make a huge impact and regular maintenance needs to be performed to make sure there’s no damage or danger of developing a leak.

Another issue in Colorado that people experience is “blow-offs” with our high winds. This is when sections of shingles come loose or blow off entirely. Losing shingles can cause costly repairs and an unsightly mess so if you notice any of your shingles blowing in the wind or completely missing, it’s important that you call us for help!