Lately it feels like Colorado has been under water with so much heavy rain. Fortunately, all the rain means good things for summer water supply and decreases fire danger we have seen in past years. Unfortunately, it can cause some headaches when your roof starts to leak! Here are 7 causes of roof leaks during heavy rain from your Fort Collins roofing company:

  • Skylights

    • No matter how skillfully skylights are installed, roof leakages are still possible. While most people won’t have problems during light rain heavy rain may be different.

  • Basic Plumbing

    • Leakages can occur with something as simple as a ventilation fan duct. Depending on the setup, some homes may be more vulnerable than others.

  • Chimneys

    • Water can leak inside the chimney itself and since the outer structure is efficient at retaining water it forms the basis for leaks. Similarly, people may have imperfections in their roof shingles and are more likely to experience leaks if they have a chimney.

  • Metal Roofs

    • They experience corrosion over time so many homeowners experience leaks from normal wear and tear. This is difficult to fix during seasons of heavy rain causing additional damage to a corroded roof.

  • Attics

    • If not ventilated properly they are at risk for leaks. A sufficiently hot attic will cause melt water to form and collect throughout the roof.

  • Roof Maintenance

    • When a roof is not properly maintained the roof starts to leak because the components of the roof start to degrade.

  • Areas With Bad Weather

    • People that live in heavily wooded areas may have had animals that climb up on their roofs or tree branches that have been on the roof. A series of simple events can cause leaks in the future.

Now that we are starting to dry out, call us for a consult to keep your roof leak free!