You have probably noticed the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing in Northern Colorado. While a winter storm still might be brewing, the reality is spring will be upon us before we know it. Your roof takes on the brunt of the spring storm season, so it is important to prepare it properly before the first storm hits. Although we may not be known as the tornado alley Oklahoma is, we get our fair share of serious spring storms. Read on to learn more about preparing your roof for the spring storm season. Reach out anytime for help with roofing in Fort Collins, Loveland, or across NoCo.

Start With An Inspection

In our last post, we talked about how important it is to have your roof inspected. Before the spring storm season strikes, schedule an inspection with our team. Winter can take a toll on your roofing system. This is particularly true if you have a shingle roof. Freezing temperatures, snow storms, high winds, and other wintry weather can cause your roofing shingles to crack, curl, peel, or fall off. An inspection will allow our roofers the chance to give you a proper diagnosis of what condition your roof is in before spring storms strike.

Schedule Repairs Right Away

If your roof did indeed suffer damage over the winter months, schedule repairs as soon as possible. When spring storms strike, you need your roof to be in the best condition possible. Thunderstorms bring strong winds, pelting rains, and the possibility of hail. If you have a weakened roof already, wind will easily tear your roof apart and drenching rains will permeate your roofing materials. Putting off repairs could lead to a complete roof replacement.


Trim Your Trees

Do you have trees that are overhanging your home? Make sure you trim up all your trees before spring storms roll into the area. Overhanging branches can scratch your roof during high winds and damage the roofing materials. In the case of severe storms, overhanging branches can break and fall onto your roof.

Clean The Gutters

The winter months often leave you with clogged gutters or even damaged, sagging gutters. Clean out your gutters and check the system for damages. If you schedule a roof inspection with our team, we can also check over your gutter system to make sure it is ready to handle heavy spring rains. Damaged gutters will not drain water properly which can cause ponding on your roof or can lead to gushing water, which can damage your landscaping and siding.

Talk To Your Insurance Company

dreamstime_xxl_42120771If a major spring thunderstorm strikes the area, your roofing system could sustain damages, no matter how well prepared you are. The good news is that a lot of storm damage, such as hail damages, can be covered through your insurance policy. Check with your insurance company now about what coverage you currently have on your home. We also recommend you keep our number handy. Store it in your phone or on your fridge. After spring storms strike, a lot of “storm chaser” roofing companies will roll into town and offer shoddy repair work. Then they will pull out of town, leaving you with a mangled roof. If a storm does damage your roof, call our team right away. We will be happy to help you and walk you through the insurance claims process.

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