Northern Colorado can experience some pretty gnarly snow storms in the winter. The last thing you’ll want for your Fort Collins home is to have problems with your home because of the roof. Here at Schroeder Roofing, we want to annually inspect your roof so that if there are damages, we can catch them right away before disaster strikes.

 Roof Caving

If your home has water damage, it will rot the structure. When the structure is rotted and a new snow falls, the weight of the snow can be enough to push the damaged structure beyond its capabilities. You’d end up with a large hole where your roof used to be, and that just doesn’t sound like the way you want to spend your winter. We can inspect your roof for any current water damage (or other sources) so that you can spend your winter worry-free!

 Proper Insulation

Alongside roofing repair and replacement, Schroeder Roofing offers insulation services to ensure you’re keeping your home nice and toasty without spending the extra pennies that are escaping through poor insulation. The first place we inspect is your attic. Chances are you aren’t a frequent visitor to your attic, so if it’s drafty you probably don’t directly notice. That’s where we come in! Not only do we have the expertise to identify the need for insulation, we offer you a great rate for new insulation. We offer free estimates for attic insulation and will install Owens Corning R-38 for just $2.00/sqft.

Contact Schroeder Roofing for all your roofing and insulation needs in Fort Collins and surrounding Northern Colorado areas before winter sets. We are happy to help you keep up on all roofing maintenance needs.