In the first installation of our roofing material blog, we brought you composite/asphalt shingles, metal, and rolled material. In this blog we bring you three of the most expensive roofing options. Prior to making any decisions on your roofing in Fort Collins, do your research. Deciding on your budget and home style are very important. Schroeder Roofing Co. can help you through the decision process.

Slate Shingles: Slate shingles are made of real stone. When completed these roofs are incredibly gorgeous and add value and curb appeal to you home. These shingles tend to be very pricey and can only be installed by highly skilled professionals. Slate also tends to be very brittle if handled incorrectly. Slate roofs should never be walked on. Expect increased costs with this roofing material.

Wood Shingles: Wood shingles are gorgeous and often used on cabins and beachfront properties. The life expectancy of a wood shingle roof is about the same as composite/asphalt roofing. The cost of wood shingles can be double the cost of composite/asphalt. Check with your city fire codes, some forbid wood shingles as they are obviously not fire-resistant.

Clay/Concrete Tiles: One of the more expensive and fragile roofing materials. It is commonly used on Spanish and mission style homes. Tiles are fire proof and very durable once installed. They have a life expectancy longer than 50 years. These should only be installed by highly skilled professionals as they may need extra, built-in support.

Now that you have read a little about each type of roofing material it is time to make a decision. Replacing your roof will take time and money so getting the job done correctly the first time is very important. Contact Schroeder Roofing Co. for the finest roofing company in the area. We have served our communities for over 35 years and we are fully bonded, licensed and certified. As any of our satisfied customers about their experiences!