Being a homeowner can involve making many repairs and the honey do list can get pretty long, but make sure roof maintenance is on that list too. Unfortunately, some of the repairs won’t be obvious unless you know what to look for. When you’re considering the need for roof repairs, you may not have the ability to climb up to your roof to do a visual inspection. If you do have the ability, the other issue you may face not knowing what to look for. A roof that has a leak or materials that don’t protect your home can cause damage that may not be noticed for months or years, depending on the weather. Here are some tips on how to know when you need to call your Fort Collins roofing company to inspect your roof.

  • Do a visual inspection several times a year, not just when you think there’s a problem. Even a novice can look for stains on the shingles, curling, buckling, moss or mold on the shingles. If you see any of these signs, call a professional roofer to come and do a more thorough inspection.

  • Follow your energy bill. If you’re seeing a higher energy usage than usual, this can be a sign you may need your roof replaced. If your roof is in great condition, then you may consider replacing the insulation in your attic to save money.

  • In addition to inspecting the roof, check up in your attic or crawl space for signs of moisture, especially after rain or heavy snow melt. You may also notice mold or staining from where moisture has been.

Keep your roof in the best possible condition to prevent higher repair costs and potential issues with mold growth from leaks and call Schroeder Roofing, your Fort Collins roofing company with great quality work.