As we enter the winter season in Colorado, many home and business owners are preparing their properties for the forecast of heavy precipitation over the coming months. You may be taking a few steps to keep your roof safe, and during your inspection, you may notice some issues with the fascia and soffits surrounding the lower edge of your roof. Be sure to take note of these signs of trouble, as ignoring the problem will only make things worse!

Coloradoans across the Front Range have come to rely on the trusted services of Schroeder Roofing. Our local roofing contractors have the experience and equipment to generate high-quality results that deliver lasting value. We can inspect your residential or commercial roof system and provide honest, accurate assessments to help you restore your structure and gain lasting peace of mind.

Keep reading for our top six signs it’s time for fascia and soffit repair, and be sure to get in touch with us if you are ready to schedule an appointment!

What is Fascia and Soffit?

The soffit and fascia of your home or business constitute the overhang where your roof connects to the siding. The fascia is the outward-facing board, which the gutter adheres to, while the soffit is the underside of the structure. These components help to protect your roof and home from the elements, increase ventilation for the attic, and defend from insects, birds, and rodents.

Paint is Flaking, Cracking, or Peeling

One easy way to spot a problem is to inspect the paint along the fascia of your home. This element is likely painted in tandem with the trim, and may show signs of damage. Any cracking or flaking below the roof can open the way for moisture and more to get inside, causing a medley of problems later on. In most cases, this degradation is natural and unavoidable. However, if you notice more extreme cases of flaking or peeling in specific areas, then be sure to check your gutters to ensure that they are not leaking.

Leaky, Unsupported Gutters

Schroeder Roofing in Loveland receives  plenty of service calls for gutter services, and oftentimes the fascia and soffits can contribute to the issue. If you notice that your gutters are leaky, shaky, or otherwise do not feel secure, then it may be time to consider replacing your soffits and fascia. These components are what your gutters adhere to, and may become damaged if your gutters become clogged or experience ice damming.

Pest Infestations

Nothing can be more unsettling than having pests invade the comfort of your home. Bugs can quickly turn a minor problem into a major infestation, and rodents can cause further damage to the interior and wiring of the structure. Your soffits and fascia are a prime form of defense from invasive critters, which is why it is recommended to check here if you notice pests coming into your home (especially if it’s a recurring problem!). 

Moisture Infiltration Problems

The fascia along your roof provides a key level of protection from moisture. One way to spot trouble is to check for signs of leakage. Be sure to use your ladder to take a close look at your roofline to check for any points of water intrusion. If water gets into your roof void, it can begin to saturate the materials and lead to problems such as rot and mold growth. Over time, this moisture damage can spread until it is visible from within the property. 

Ventilation Issues

Fascia and soffits are designed to help keep moisture and pests away while also providing ventilation for the home, mainly the attic space. Blocked or damaged components can limit your property’s ability to regulate during hot or cold spells, adding to moisture concerns. If you notice any issues with ventilation along your roof (mainly condensation buildup inside), it is time to call for a professional roof inspection.

Obvious Signs of Damage

While it can be hard to locate damage along your fascia and soffit without a close inspection, sometimes, structural damage can be very easy to pinpoint. If you notice pieces of your fascia or soffits are missing, broken, cracked, or separate from the structure, we recommend reaching out to a professional right away to address the problem and minimize any concerns.

Need Roof Repairs?

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