If you have been following our blog series, then you already know about our Fort Collins and Loveland roofing company, Schroeder Roofing. Our previous blog was on the topic of icicles on the outskirts of your home, and why the beautiful winter scene they create can be a sign of a much bigger problem that you are unaware of as a homeowner.

The cause of icicles:

If the insulation of your home is weak and unsupportive of the heat that you are trying to keep inside of your home and there is snow on your roof, this could be a sign of disaster waiting to happen. The heat will rise from your home and exit through the top of your roof. When this happens, the snow will melt. Once the snow has melted, the once frozen and fluffy water that made a majestic wintery scene on top of your roof will be dribbling down the shingles. By the time the water makes its way to the gutters and side of your roof, it’ll begin to freeze again, causing icicles that form off of the side of your roof. Don’t be excited about the appealing beauty of these icicles! The icicles that have formed will cause a dam to be created on your roof, which only means that water will back up under the shingles. When this happens, you could be facing a lot of water damage in your home, like the inside of your walls or your ceiling. Call Schroeder Roofing now to eliminate all of your Fort Collins roofing problems before the snow starts falling, and let us take a look at your insulation.