When people look at their roof, they really only see the outer roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles. But below that layer of protection, there is an entire system that needs to work properly in order to provide the level of protection your home and belongings need.

One part of the entire roofing system that is essential to the functionality of the roof isn’t actually a part of the roof itself – it’s insulation. Insulation is added to the floor of the roof, or the ceiling of the interior home, and provides a variety of benefits.

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Four Benefits Insulation Offers Your Roof and Home

Heat Retention

Winters can be hard for anyone who doesn’t like the cold. But the good news is that we have warm cozy homes. Heating our homes is typically done with a furnace, boiler, or some homes have fireplaces, but it’s insulation that actually keeps the warm air inside the house. We all learned in middle school that heat rises, so to prevent warm air from escaping the house, insulation is added to the ceiling. Insulation works to retain heat, making long, cold winters a little more bearable.

Heat Prevention

On the other hand, summers can also be especially grueling for regions that experience high temperatures and a lot of sun, like in Northern Colorado. During the summer, insulation does the opposite; it prevents heat from entering the house. A cool house can be an immense relief during a hot summer.

Energy Savings

Since insulation works to retain heat during the winter and prevent heat from entering during the summer, it’s no surprise that insulation is doing a lot to protect your utility costs. If it wasn’t for insulation, your furnace would be running much more frequently to keep your house warm and your air conditioning would be working full time to keep your home cool. Insulation acts as a barrier, reducing the amount of time the furnace and AC units need to run, helping you save on energy costs.

Helps Prevent Ice Dams

Insulation is an integral part of preventing ice dams from developing during the winter. By retaining heat inside the home, rather than letting it escape into the attic, snow on the roof stays cold and solid. If the attic were to warm up, snow would melt, and the water could then refreeze at the edge of the roof, creating a dam. This can allow water to penetrate the roofing material, seep into the roof sheathing, and potentially into your home.

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