northern-colorado-fascia-and-soffit-repair-300x225Anna and Ben are doing some much needed house cleaning when they discover a hidden corner of the house has been taken over by mold. They’re shocked and have no idea how this could have happened. What they don’t realize is that their roof had developed a leak during a particularly violent rainstorm sometime before, and what they’re seeing is the damage the water has been able to do over time, accessing the inner structure of the home and wreaking all sorts of havoc.

Anna and Ben wonder if they could fix the leak themselves, but up on the roof, they can find no damage on the side of the home where the mold is growing. Again, their lack of roofing experience means they probably don’t realize how tricky it can be to find the actual location of a roof leak.

When your roof needs repairs, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure they are completed as quickly as possible to avoid letting the damage spread to other areas of your roof and the overall building structure whether we’re talking about your home or your business. If you’re like Anna and Ben, you may encounter a problem with your roof that has been causing damages for a long time, or you may notice missing shingles the day after a severe thunderstorm. Either way, be sure to contact your local roofers as soon as possible in order to get your roof repaired properly and in a timely fashion.

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