As residents of Northern Colorado’s Front Range, Loveland individuals know how important it is to have a roof that is in good shape. Roofing in Loveland is incredibly important since the weather can change at a moments notice. This past summer we dealt with thunderstorms, high-wind warnings, and golf ball sized hail in the same week! The roof of your home took the brunt of Mother Nature’s assault. Storm damaged roofing should be replaced as soon as possible by a licensed roofing professional.

Damage to your roof during a storm may occur no matter what material the roof is made of. Many times storm damage is not immediately detectable. The problems may occur months after the initial storm. One of the biggest problems that homeowners have after a storm is the potential for small leaks. While a small leak may not seem like a big deal, we assure you that it is. When water leaks into your home it can cause rotted wood beams, mold within the insulation, or structural damage. Small leaks can lead to huge repair bills. Imagine the type of pressure that your roof can hold up to during the winter if it is supported by rotting beams. You may not think about it but snow can be very heavy and cause your roof to collapse.

There are many reasons to replace your damaged roof in the Front Range area. Do not wait until it is too late. Replacing your roof is much cheaper than rebuilding after a roof collapse. Schroeder Roofing Co. is a fully licensed and certified roofing company in Loveland, CO. Choose a business that is in great standing with multiple associations and has a fantastic reputation. We have been offering exceptional service for over 35 years!